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Couch potato

How I turned myself into an active person.

I’ve been a couch potato for thirty years. As a kid I played soccer, climbed trees, and did other usual stuff. Loved to ride a bike. But when I went to the high school much of that changed. Got addicted to computers and become a beast living in a dungeon ;-)

Since back then I rarely had some physical activity. Couple of years ago I biked to work. But my physical condition wasn’t the best. More intensive activity left me tired and I recovered slowly.

Usually if I was pedaling fast I was laying on the couch for an hour to recover. And by fast I don’t mean speed of light. I was overtaken by other folks riding.

So, you get the picture. I was also almost 20 kilos over my weight, I weighted 85 kg with 173 cm of height, back in high school it was 70 kg tops.

Year and a half ago I decided to do something with my life and become more active - I started running, went to a gym three times a week and did my way into fitness lifestyle. I was still tired, but at least I was improving.

Imagine that it went well for couple of months. But then I had a breakdown. Fast forward six months of a disease that left me barely walking. I was diagnosed with a celiac disease.

Now, keeping a diet I’m recovering. Still I got a sick gut but I’m doing reasonably ok.

What changed is that for last two months I’ve been riding to work on my bicycle almost every day. I started running, it’s not a problem for me to be active. I don’t feel exhausted. I recover a lot faster. I gain muscle tissue. I play squash.

If I were two years ago told that I would be that active I would not believe it and I would not sustain it back then.

When I investigated my disease I learned that you and me are capable of great things and our bodies are meant to be moved. 

But if something stops you. If you feel that you don’t have any strength to move and if a thought about physical activity make you tired already go a consult a doctor or do a simple test - stay away from flour, bread, pasta, and anything else that contains gluten for a month.

See if that helps. You may be surprised what results you will achieve. Not only you may get better psychically but you mind we’ll be better. 

I’ve never had so much energy, positive thoughts and good spirit before I’ve resigned from gluten.

And believe me - staying without gluten is easier than it sounds - just get rid of anything it contains from home. Then buy only what’s safe. Eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and meat (any kind), rice, corn, buckwheat.

To check out more about gluten read a story from Tim Ferris