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Perserverance matters

Couple of months ago I mounted a bar in my bedroom. I found it dusted in my basement. I had it mounted years ago in previous previous apartment. I’ve forgotten about it.

I took it out and decided I will start pulling up again. I was never good at it, my personal record was like 5 chin ups in a row. It was when I was a teenager.

When I tried again I barely did one. Not to mention another set. But I’ve put the bar right in my face. Each time I passed the doors I saw it.

So I started, each time I passed it I touched, tried to do a chin up. When you’re as bad as I was it’s worth doing the opposite first so I jumped at the bar I slowly (as slow as I could) lowered myself.

Not to mention the soreness of my muscles the next. And the story continued. Each day I tried. Sometimes I made progress, sometimes I was worse than a day before.

After couple of months I was able to do 9 as my personal record. It stayed that way for a long time. I wasn’t doing any progress. But I was practicing.

Today I’m happy because I did 12, and that’s my new PR. And I’m not stopping, there’s a long way before me.

If you know something is good for you you need to stick with it. Sometimes you may lose hope, sometimes you can feel tired and lost. But if you believe you will achieve it.