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Why to share everything

I’m an introvert, as many of you. I had a blog many years ago, but I’ve found it difficult to share stories repeatedly and on time. I had some ideas on what to write about but I always though - no, that’s not original; oh, probably someone already wrote about it; yeah, I know I had this problem but others are smarter than me and didn’t have it so why to bring it up? And so on. I’ve only posted the good ones. So I did it rarely.

Recently watching a video done by Amy Hoy one thing hit me - constantly share everything you do. Because it may lead to thing you’d never expect. And if you don’t share it no one will ever know about them.

Amy’s talking about her own story, when she started with Rails it was all new, and people had different problems with it. Because she shared her story people were able to help her, but also learn, and she found out that hey, there are a lot of people having the same problems, and there are people wanting to pay for solving those problems. And her business grew thanks to that. So on.

If she didn’t share her story no one would have heard of her, and no one would have helped her. That’s a lesson here.

And thinking about it more I came to a conclusion that I don’t always need to make original posts, have to be unique, someone in the world may have written about things I’m interested in.

But as long I keep them in a single place they are unique in their own way - because they are my story, the ups and downs of what I do. And that’s unique. We all have the same problems, but the solutions we use, and how they snowball from one thing to the other is unique. And it’s worth sharing.

So I promise to myself I will start sharing my story.