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You're here for the long run

I’m an aspiring entrepreneur. Yet, I own no company and all my business attempts failed. I’m not even a freelancer. I go to a regular job. I rarely have ground shaking ideas. I’m a failure.

But that worries me not. I used to think that I failed, used to think I was stupid because I tried. I lost so many money. I’ve spent so much time building things that didn’t take off.

Yet, I’m still happy and proud of what I achieved. Because I’ve moved step closer to my destination. I tried and I failed, which is more than no trying at all. I learned so many things.

I now know so many things no to do. I’m getting closer each time I fail. I realized that it doesn’t take you a month, or a year to become successful. I was eager and impatient. Now I learned not to be.

I’m here for the long run. Each month I move a bit closer. I learn new things. I try new things. It will take me a year, or a few to move significantly. But I’m here for the long run.

I will be successful - not this year, than another. I know it. I see it.

Don’t worry you haven’t made a progress yet, if you focused, you’ll get there!