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Inspiring people worth listening to

Here’s my list of inspirational people. You should check them out. They stimulate your brain in so many positive ways.

A Smart Bear by Jason Cohen - master of lean startup approach

Altoucher Confidential by James how to fail and what to learn from it and many things you’re afraid to discuss

Derek Sivers - the most passionate and fun man in the world, how to grow in life

Seth Godin - he’s an artist and you’re too, marketing guru, shape your life mentor

Swiss Miss - fill world with great design and make your life beautiful

Unicornfree by Amy Hoy, think customer development

You Need A Budget - your money wisely

Chase Jarvis - meet the creative world, check out his awesome CJ Live shows!

The Family Anatomy Podcast - understand your children and SO

The Fat-Burning Man by James Abel, making delicious and healthy food, training like crazy to get best benefits

WNYC’s Radio Lab - the world is amazing

Nell Stephenson - paleo diet

Brian MacKenzie - endurance training