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Velocity is broken in JIRA 6.0

Yesterday was a great day at work - I thought I’ll finally start working on a plugin that I had a short separation with (JIRA Remote Copy). But coming in the morning I noticed my canary build of JIRA Importers Plugin went red.

Great! Nothing is better than starting a day with a red build that you’re the one to fix ;-)

The build was broken because the time has come and Justus switched the magical switch and now all velocity templates use HTML escaping by default.

I love how it was all planned long time ago, and there was documentation already in place so it was obvious what to do.

I don’t like the fact that I missed it (as many devs) and had to fix in last minute before JIRA Importers Plugin is shipped, but as I said before that’s a price of the progress ;-)

So I’m leaving this just in case your JIRA velocity templates are now using HTML escaping and you don’t know why.