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Selling ebooks is a real business!

Or as people like to call informational products, which they are.

I’ve recently had a pleasure to be a part of Amy Hoy's roundtable on launching products. It was mostly about informational products.

I’ve always loathed at writing and selling ebooks online. Couple of reasons here: I’m not the guy buying stuff from a random folks, I found many cheesy sites trying to sell you shit, I didn’t know anyone buys them and I always was able to find what I was looking after.

I knew of some successful people writing ebooks like Chris Guillebeau or Amy, or James Abel. But it didn’t occur to me that I could do it.

I still can’t but I see now there are other folks almost like me doing this stuff. The panel speakers were Brennan Dunn, Brandon Savage, and Chris Hartjes - new comers to the market with their first publications.

They all were able to earn around 30k$ (in sum) withing five weeks of their launch (ebook release).

What was their success:

Simple as that. But not so simple. It’s nothing you can repeat in a few weeks. Unless I don’t know sth about it?

Requires hard work and focus - they all focused (mostly) on one topic, one platform, etc.

As I recently started blogging I’m still having a problem with identifying myself here - I write about many things. Sometimes unrelated. The general topic is whatever I find worth sharing.

So I’m not sure how I could use their strategy to create an informational product. But it’s great knowing that it’s a valid option to earn money.