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Piotr's feedback on finding your product team fit

Well, things as always are complicated and simple at the same time

An idea is not only one unknown variable. I guess it is not as important as other variables. To the equation you have to add some at last 4 more unknown variables: time, place, targeted marketing strategy, people=team, despite of optimized UX of your solution. You’ve probably know that. I guess it’s hard to build one project and hit your dream goal. Solving 5 unknown variables equation can be simple for more and more experienced people at least you can appropriately push your dreams forward.

Good luck with your dreams and finding right people.

Thanks Piotr for sharing. I totally agree that there’s a plenty of variables involved and building a product and a team can be really challenging.

I’m currently reading couple of books that help sort out those variables (Lean Startup, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development and The Startup’s Owner Manual) but it’s still challenging. That’s why it’s great to have people around that are familiar with different areas.

No need to have them as co-founders but it’s great to have an ability to talk with somebody. Sometimes different perspective brings a lot of value. That’s why I’m also always happy to provide feedback to others.

You’re absolutely right that it’s also a matter of experience. You’re here for the long run, so if you continue and push yourself forward you can achieve a lot of amazing things!

I learned one thing - you don’t have to rush things, as I sometimes do, everything will work out in the end.