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Front Trends 2013 Links

That was a fucking blast! I’ve just recently returned from 2013 edition of Front Trends (my first time there). The big reportage is in progress. Before I finish it I wanted to share couple of awesome resources. - detects browser features for you

asm.js - yup, JavaScript is now a Virtual Machine that you can run any language on

the rise and fall of personal computing - the king is dead, long live the king, environment aware/enhancing devices instead of grey boxes - building portable mobile apps - CSS optimizer that understands CSS

web font generator - cherry picking your font’s characters for the smallest size

browserify - node.js requires in your browser - high level JavaScript API for common stuff (sign-ups, password reminders, emails, etc.) - building iOS and Androind apps with C# and .NET

kinvey - building backends for your mobile apps

meteor - JavaScript framework for building apps

deployd - open source framework for building backend for your apps

remoteStore - open protocol for per-user storage in the browser

leaflet - creating visually appealing maps and graphs in the browser

dart - new language for the web?

tornado - python event driven networking

jekyll - blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby

l20n - 21st century localization project!

jison - build a JavaScript parser for your own language

kineticJS - adding interactions to 2D Canvas

defs.js - bringing EcmaScript 6 to your ES5 browser, glimpse at the future