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Front Trends 2013 Slides

Thanks to Wojtek for gathering links.

In order of my preference:

Craft and The Machine by Hannah Donovan

Look ma no backend by Gregor Martynus

Let’s Const Together, Right Now by Olov Lassus

Projektowanie doświadczenia użytkownika dla witryn wielojęzycznych by Gunnar Bittersman

Rendering without lumps by Jake Archibald

Responsive Localization by Zbigniew Braniecki and Staś Małolepszy

JavaScript the language of the ambient computing era by Allen Wirfs-Brock

ViziCities Development (visualizing large amount of data)

Humble Border Radius by Lea Verou

Mobile Web Performance by Estelle Weyl

Building Languages in JavaScript by Zach Carter

High Performance Data Visualizations by Vladimir Agafonkin

The new CSS layout by Rachel Andrew

Debug Your Language with Source Maps by Nick Fitzgerald

Coping with the broken web by Rodney Rehm

Culture change by Frances Berriman

Be friends with your designers and style guides by Hans Chr. Reinl

Everybody hates passwords by Shane Tomlinson

Maintainable Frontend Development with BEM

180 degrees East by Holger Bartel

The Business Side of Going Web by Faruk Ates