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Don't lose your time on details that don't make a difference

My wife just told me she’s scared by how many things she picked up from me - she was talking about doing searches for different staff and picking the first right one.

You know how usually women do shopping and why we men hate participating in it - they go from one shop to another even if they already know that the “dream come true” shoes were in the first shop.

Because you never know what’s behind the corner. And it would be great but usually even when they return to the shop and buy those damn shoes they keep thinking about other possibilities.

We all do that from time to time. It’s based in human psychology and the bigger the stake the harder it is to choose.

It’s fine. But be awake and sometimes choose not to choose so you’ll save your time and actually make a better choice. Or at least don’t waste so much time and energy on it.

It goes other way around too - if you try to sell or offer anything to people help them choose by limiting options.

It’s hard to decide which meal to order if you have 40 to choose from.