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How to make your blog interesting

I read yesterday a great quote in the book Steal Like An Artist (love it, must read for everyone).

Basically it said - you must write/create work that you would love to read/see by yourself, not the one that’s easy to create.

That reasoned with me a lot because what I’ve been doing mostly with my blog (and the previous blog) is that I wrote about things I enjoyed in a way I found it simple and interesting for me, but not always simple and interesting for you, my dear reader.

I’m not saying that you need to change what you write about but probably it’s worth thinking and putting the reader in the first place.

It may mean that it requires more work, better preparation, more thoughtful thinking because you must shape the text to be useful for other human being than yourself.

It may also push you to new places because when you want to write about things that you want to read about it may mean that you need to step out of your comfort zone and learn and try those things first.

I know that’s a hard work. I’m still processing this information. Not sure yet how to make my writing more usable. If you have any idea or you want to criticize (constructively) my current work it’s a great moment :-)