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Why you need to rest and stay away from the computer

The biggest lesson from my accident was how much I needed a break and how much I enjoyed it.

I was stuck for almost a month sitting at home doing nothing. I had all the time to calm down, think about meaningless stuff, watch movies (a lot of WWDC movies), read, go to beach with my family or just sit in the sun (and the weather was lovely here).

I was able to switch off this task oriented brain mode that keeps you awake all the time. Now when I’m back in work I really appreciate that time because I see how calmer I am, the stuff that annoyed me previously doesn’t bother me anymore.

Also I found out how important it is to just sit and do nothing (more than you imagine). I’m going to incorporate this to my weekly routine.

The other thing I’m thinking about having an additional “analog” desk that would let me work in quiet but without facing my computer. Because whenever I sit next to it I’m sucked in. It’s really bad.

And usually I have the best ideas when I’m away from the computer.

Photo credit to Trey Ratcliff