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Yesterday I started working on a small website

Yesterday is started working on a small website for publishing and managing updates for Sparkle (AKA appcasts).

I guess I want to automate my workflow a bit for Queued. I’m currently using Google App Engine to host my updates, but the whole workflow is cumbersome - need to prepare the app file, write down details about the version (build no and version), update the file and upload it.

I wish I could do this with one command. I want to build the app and send it somewhere and be done with it.

So with a little help of ruby, sinatra, bootstrap, amazon web services and heroku this idea is getting real.

What I’m going to do to simplify the process?

Interested? Go and log in! It doesn’t work now, but you’ll be remembered and notified about updates :-)

In the end you’ll be able to run an appcast in less that 5 minutes!