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I've released a product and now I'm stuck

I’ve released a product and now I’m stuck. The easy part is over (coding) now it’s time for the hard part - marketing ;-)

You could argue I should start with marketing first but in this case that’s something I need for my other product (Queued) so I had to create it nonetheless. But since I built it it would be great to have other people use it too.

So what should I do?

First of all, I’m going to add some tracking to see what’s going on.

Then I’m going to add some pricing as I want to charge for it.

Then I’m going to run small AdWords campaigns and observe what’s going on, do users find the message appealing? A/B test a few variants.

I’m thinking it could be a good starting point for a site helping developers run beta programs for their upcoming apps. At least that’s what I’m interested in currently.