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Ansible vs Chef knife solo

I've been struggling with Ansible for some time. When I first got into building servers, provisioning, etc. I used chef knife solo. I enjoyed its modularization and plethora of modules available online.

I made couple of servers using it. But once I wanted more advanced features like encrypted vaults it kicked. I had to setup certificates (which I never did) and things got harder.

At the same time I played with Ansible which was new kid on the block. It had rough edges. I didn't like its approach - there wasn't any modules, you had to do anything by your own. I was duplicating stuff found on line.

But as the project move forward I now enjoy using it. Now you can also write your own modules. Also the core got more features so you can get a lot out of it.

If you didn't have a chance I think it's worth trying out. I think it's the one that will stick as it has a nice learning curve. You can start in minutes and then progress to more advanced topics.

Also with Ansible Tower (which I don't use) you should be able to scale to enterprise level.