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Zen - the stupidest idea ever

I decided to built new JIRA from scratch. What a stupid idea.

I've been using JIRA for years. I even worked as a developer and team leader on JIRA team for years. I quit some time ago.

I was building different projects in my spare time. Usually my focus was on building something for others and making this my main income source. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Guess what - I'm bad at it. I never succeeded. I lack the major part - interest in discovering user pains. I usually were creating something out of my need. And seems I have pecurial needs ;-)

Recently I decided to build something just for fun. I wanted to learn React so there's no better way.

I have an ambitious goal of making JIRA MVP but better than JIRA. I know there's plenty of different project management tools but they are lacking. JIRA is a customization beast.

I named it Zen as I registered this domain for some other purpose some time ago. But it actually matches what I want to achieve - mindless and easy project management which is powerful at the same time.

The current stack is React+Redux+Redux router+ECMAScript 6. Backend based on PostgREST.