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Zen - playing around with Phoenix - Trello tribute (or clone)

I was playing recently with Phoenix Trello an open source clone of Trello.

I'm looking for ways to add new features to Zen as quickly as possible and with the least effort I can. So when I found it I though it would be great to incorporate it.

But since I played with it I'm not so eager. I decided that boards in Trello-way would be a limitation.

I also want to focus first on more important things - like having a workflow and custom fields. I think I can achieve more having a simple issue view first.

Still thinking though. I know people love boards. But I don't want Zen to be another fancy board.

I'm more into process management.

Having said that I need to put the project aside for some time as I need to release OpenID Authentication for ServiceDesk first. This is something that could potentially bring me more income.

And as I already did some fun stuff I'm going to present couple of brown bags at Spartez, this Friday is Ansible, then PostgREST, later React.