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Easy Sign Ups For ServiceDesk just got released!

So after I few months I finally had time to finish and release Easy sign ups!

Basically the whole thing was laying on the disk almost done for weeks. But didn't have the time and mood to finish it. To be honest for most of the time I was juggling between moving forward with the project or killing it.

Luckily the sales of OpenID Authentication for JIRA were recently going up. As those two share most of the code it give me a spark to finish the product. Also I was contacted by a few people interested in using the plugin with ServiceDesk.

I have already a few downloads from people interested in the plugin and I haven't started marketing it yet. I plan to contact all the previous customers and let them know about the plugin.

I silently expect this plugin to beat OpenID for JIRA at least two-folds. Will see if my guesses were right in a year.

Now I'm playing again with Zen. Thinking about killing the idea too and using this time for something more productive.

Before I make any decision I plan to play with PostgREST more - I need to figure out how it handles security. I know it does but I haven't figured it out yet if that's something I could use.