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How to build BitBucket Cloud add-on in Rails → accessing BitBucket API from JavaScript

There's only one major part missing in my app - calling back the service and storing results.

Enable this plugin for your BitBucket Cloud account!

I added a new model called Repo that will be used to store stars:

class CreateRepos < ActiveRecord::Migration[5.0]
  def change
    create_table :repos do |t|
      t.integer :jwt_token_id, null: false
      t.string :repo_name, null: false

    add_foreign_key :repos, :jwt_tokens, on_delete: :cascade

    add_index(:repos, [:repo_name, :jwt_token_id], unique: true)

Next I had to figure out how can I authenticate requests made from the iframe back to the server. Here's the full source code of the controller:

class StarsController < ApplicationController

  include AtlassianJwtAuthentication

  # will respond with head(:unauthorized) if verification fails
  before_action only: [:show, :save] do |controller|
    controller.send(:verify_jwt, PluginKeyService::PLUGIN_KEY)

  def show
    repo_name = params.permit(:repoPath)['repoPath']
    locals = {
        session_token: create_session_token
    }.merge! (Repo.number_of_stars(current_jwt_auth, repo_name))
    render :show, locals: locals

  def save
    repo_name = params.permit(:repoPath)['repoPath']
    repo = Repo.find_or_initialize_by(repo_name: repo_name, jwt_token_id:
    if repo.new_record?
      starred = true
      starred = false
    render json: {
        repo_name: repo_name,
        count: Repo.where(repo_name: repo_name).count,
        starred: starred


  def create_session_token
    issued_at =

                   iss: current_jwt_auth.client_key,
                   iat: issued_at,
                   aud: [current_jwt_auth.addon_key]
               }, current_jwt_auth.shared_secret)


I use before_action to make sure I can authenticate requests - so I know which tenant/user is trying to access the page.

In show you can see I'm passing a session token back to the view, this will be used to authenticate requests made from the view back to the server.

create_session_token creates a similar token BitBucket would create to call the service. This one doesn't use expiration so please refer to atlassian-jwt-authentication for a safer way that includes expiration.

I intentionally decided to leave out the expiration - the feature is trivial and this is just a sample application.

In the view I take the token and use it when sending requests back:

$.ajax('#{stars_url}', {
    headers: {
      'Authorization': 'JWT ' + meta.token

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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