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Friday Link Pack

I love Active Record for its flexibility. Advanced SQL in Rails shows you how to use views and window functions.

Good software starts with a good design. Here's an interesting example of good design in real life - australian pedestrian button. I used it many times. Now I know how much thought was put into it!

Using machine learning to manage weight! Awesome real life hack. I wasn't surprised with results thought. I'm an avid Authority Nutrition reader and I know how to eat healthy - fats are your friend not the enemy!

I used to write apps for iOS and Mac so this report got my full attention - Selling on the App Store VS Building Your Own Theme Park. Great insight into the market and distribution channels.

Airbnb: The Growth Story You Didn't Know - great story on bootstrapping your company. Selling breakfast cereal and other craziness. This is pure drive in life!

Ever wanted to have a database per branch in your Rails projects? Branchinator helps you with that.