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Friday Link Pack

I'm still at Full Stack Fest 2016. That's a really well organized conference. If you've never been to Barcelona and want to hear some good presentations go ahead! It's worth it.

A lot of interesting observations on SaaS distribution model. Should you choose it for you next project? Is desktop dying? What are pros and cons of going SaaS? This and a lot more from Justing Jackson. Plus a lot of interesting SaaS tools for your company. Atlassian is a great example having both versions - behind the server and cloud - and both having their own customers and growing.

30K Page Views for $0.21: A Serverless Story - how to optimize your cost moving to AWS lambda. It's a theme on the conference as well with Austen Collins talking about their framework.

Having sleep problems? Here's a TED talk for you - how humans have slept before. I wish I had time for such a long sleep 😴

Talking about time Derek Sivers has a great post about being a slow thinker. I definitively can relate as I'm a slow thinker myself. It's not that bad as it sounds.

Ever wondered what happens when Rails app gets a request? Here's a detailed explanation of all the magic it is there.