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Full Stack Fest presentations worth watching

Full Stack Fest was a blast. Really enjoyed being part of it. Especially for the great people I met there!

But if you haven't had a chance to visit here's a list of my favorite talks in order of preference.

Grab all of them as YouTube playlist

5 best ones

Tim Perry talks about building a scalable architecture for BBC News. Good design is an evolving process. Great walk through their thinking process.

How Shopify infrastructure architecture changed through the years to sustain their growth - building scalable and resilient systems step by step.

Building scalable REST APIs with GraphQL.

CSS4 grids - this is how feature of CSS might look like.

Putting web into real life things. Beacons all the things!

5 others worth watching

Executing JavaScript in the browser when your page is not open.

Cycle.js - how functional programming can help you visualize your application. Plus a new JavaScript framework.

HTTP/2 introduction by Ole Michaelis. Just in case you want to update someone on the new protocol.

Introduction to process management with Elixir and Erlang. I haven't had a chance to use Elixir yet so that was really interesting to me - they built a totally different VM architecture than most other languages, including JVM.

Ben Hall goes through many options available in Docker that will make your infrastructure more secure.

5 for your lazy Sunday

Building re-usable components in React.

How to start with machine learning.

Serverless applications.

ES6 catch up.

Falcor - GraphQL alternative.