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Friday Link Pack

That's a delivery pipeline. Building Boing 737 in nine fricking days!

Have you every wondered why are you doing things that you are doing and what should you be doing? Here's a great point of view from Derek Sivers. I love one quote especially:

Sometimes your best strategy is counter-intuitive. Like if you have a high paying job, but realize that charitable giving is what matters most to you, then the best strategy is not to quit your job and go hang mosquito nets in Africa, but actually to keep your job and make as much money as you can, while spending it on hiring hundreds of people in Africa to hang thousands of mosquito nets.

You want to have resumable uploads in your app? Try out this gem. If you want to know more about general idea hit

Lightweight Project Management for GitHub Issues - I haven't tried it yet but if you're someone that lives inside of GitHub you probably want to try it out. Looks cool in my opinion.

Last but not least - some fun CSS hackery to create animated radio buttons

Which one did you like the most? Let me know at @devonsteroids