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Microsoft Surface Studio and other friday links

Microsoft Surface Studio looks great! Well designed and beautiful. But what I really love about this advertisement is that is resembles Apple commercials. It's full of sounds, emotions and pictures. No words, features, specs. It's really great that Microsoft is returning to shape. Can't wait to see what else will they create!

Talking about Microsoft - here's a summary of their latest event. Looks like an Apple event? It does, but smaller. You can laugh about it, but I see hope in it.

Bundler has a security problem and the developers don't seem to be taking care of it.

SVG has more potential than you think - you can use it to create responsive images or prepare beautiful page elements.

Strangely correlated data - correlation is not causation, here's a perfect example.

When you change the world and no one notices:

It takes 30 years for a new idea to seep into the culture. Technology does not drive change. It is our collective response to the options and opportunities presented by technology that drives change.