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EuRuKo 2016 presentations worth watching

I had a great time in Sofia attending EuRuKo! We had great hosts as part of AirHelp's team is located there! It was a good chance to unite, drink some rakija and talk about coding.

If you weren't lucky to attend here's my subjective list of the best presentations.

You can grab all videos from the conference as a playlist too.

Future of Ruby

Learn what's coming to Ruby?

Writing good code

A lot of smart suggestions on writing a better code.


There can't be a conference without someone talking about it.

How to properly structure the code

The law of Demeter and how it should influence your code.

How Sprockets work

A bit about the internals, and some clues on adding you own stuff to sprockets.

Consequences of too good algorithms

Is you daughter pregnant? This algorithm will know sooner than you.