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Better shell history with hstr

When I found out oh-my-zsh I felt in love with per directory history. I'm working on different projects at my machine - work related, personal, blog, Java and Ruby. So for me per directory history was a good choice.

Of course I found myself hitting ctrl-g for global history from time to time. Some days often, some days rarely.

Recently I found out about hstr which is a better history manager for bash/zsh.

Looked really nice, supported better search capabilities, so I immediately wanted to try it out.

But learned fast that it doesn't support per directory history. I thought about fixing it, grabbed source code and was ready to go. But then it hit me - lets try global history first. Maybe it will be better with hstr?

So it's been almost two months I've been using hstr with global history and I'm really happy. I no longer need per directory history.

I guess with a better tool I can handle more diverse history and it's easier now to start with a new project/directory.

If you haven't tried it out yet give hstr a chance!

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