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Hi, I'm Pawel Niewiadomski, a software developer.

I worked as a contractor for Atlassian for over 7 years. During that time I learned how to create awesome products people love to use, how to support them and how to evolve them. I also witnessed how technology debt can accumulate over time and helped fight it.

At Atlassian I worked on FishEye/Crucible, Atlassian Connectors for Eclipse, and for the most time Jira and core plugins (Importers, Issue Copy, Auditing, User/Project key rename).

I admire Atlassian for building a consistent set of tools that integrate easily with each other making the sum much larger than each product alone.

That's why I'm also a big fan of Apple and part time Mac developer.

I love bootstrapping new projects, performance optimization, refactoring complex code bases and brining order to teams and projects so if you struggle with anything like that and are curious about my opinion contact me I'll be happy to share my experience.

Follow my GitHub to see what I'm currently up to or contact me on Twitter.

I don't do consulting.