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How to build BitBucket Cloud add-on in Rails → user interface

Time to add some user interface :-)

I'm adding new section into views/bitbucket/descriptor.json.ejb (I ommited the rest of the file for verbosity):

    "modules": {
      "webPanel": [
          "url": "/stars?repoPath={repo_path}",
          "name": {
            "value": "Stars Web Panel"
          "location": "org.bitbucket.repository.overview.informationPanel",
          "key": "stars-web-panel"

I need to set up a route, a controller and a view as well, lets name the controller StarsController, there's also simple app/views/stars/show.html. I'm going to omit those here for now as they are really simple.

And voila here we can finally see the add-on in BitBucket :-)

But something's not right, it's not loading!

[Error] Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'SAMEORIGIN'.

Damn you X-Frame-Options ;-)

I solved that overriding Rails defaults in config/application.rb:

config.action_dispatch.default_headers.merge!({'X-Frame-Options' => 'ALLOWALL'})

Now the last thing I need to add I calling back to my service to save starred repos. I will describe that in the last part.

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