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OpenID Authentication for JIRA/Confluence

Hi, I'm really happy that you are evaluating OpenID Authentication

You clicked the documentation link and I wonder what would you want to find here.

I tried to make this plugin self-explanatory but if I failed in that and you have any doubts or questions please contact me so I can answer them and also improve the plugin.

Cheers, Pawel


Can I use this for Service Desk?

No, there's a separate plugin for Service Desk

I'm unable to use my custom OAuth 2 authentication provider

The custom OAuth authentication built into the plugin was created for Google Apps and may not work with some other implementations. If you want to use your own provider and it doesn't work out of the box please contact me for support. I will happily fix the plugin to work with your provider.

I'm getting HTTP/405 when authenticating with Google Apps

You probably didn't enable Google+ API in Google Developer Console.

I'm getting SSL errors

There's couple of reasons you could get them:

Can this plugin synchronize all users or groups?

No, it cannot. It will synchornize users details during authentication only. It does not synchronize users or groups in the background. Also this plugin doesn't act as Crowd User Directory.

Is this plugin compatible with custom SSOSeraphAuthenticator?

No, it is not. Users found that they do not work well together. I don't have plans to support custom authenticators at this time.

How to debug the plugin?

Go to Logging and profiling and use Configure logging level for another package to enable logging for this plugin. Use com.pawelniewiadomski for package name and select TRACE for logging level. Once configured the plugin will log additional information to atlassian-jira.log