I'm an independent software provider. I've worked as a contractor on Atlassian tools for 6 years. I have a deep understaing of their products. You'll find here a couple of useful add-ons for JIRA. I'm also Mac and web developer. I do contract work from time to time.


This plugin lets you run executables in when events happen JIRA. For each selected event you can create an executable, it will be executed each time JIRA sends a notification. Plugin currently supports issue events, user events and custom events.

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OpenID Authentication

Let your JIRA authentication users using OpenID. This plugin automatically matches JIRA account to OpenID credentials by email. If JIRA is in Public mode with internal users management users that were not found will be automatically created and logged in.

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Your Buffer queue is now a click away. No need to check your email to see notifications from Buffer. What’s great - you can instatly manage queue too! And even reorder scheduled updates by dragging them.

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