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How to build BitBucket Cloud add-on in Rails → bootstraping rails

In this series I'm going to document how to build a simple BitBucket add-on using Rails. I'm going to replicate GitHub's Star feature that I often use and miss on BitBucket.

This add-on will be created using Ruby on Rails! So lets start!

Time to bootstrap the project:

rails new -d postgresql --skip-action-mailer --skip-turbolinks --skip-test --api bitbucket-rails-add-on

You can run it with rails server but it does nothing.

Time to add Atlassian Connect integration for Rails:

gem 'atlassian-jwt-authentication', 
    git: '', 
    branch: 'master',
    require: 'atlassian_jwt_authentication'

Create PostgreSQL databases with:

createuser bbs
createdb -O bbs bbs-dev

Edit config/database.yml and make sure you have development database configured:

  <<: *default
  database: bbs-dev
  username: bbs

Run bundle exec rails g atlassian_jwt_authentication:setup to create required migrations. Then rails db:migrate

Now we're ready to start developing the add-on itself. I'll cover first steps in the next part.

Get the source code

Enable this plugin for your BitBucket Cloud account!